1. ask me stuff plz

  2. sharkybits:

    FB MYSTERY ORDER~ so much pretty. Loveeee love love.  

    Especially the small euphoberia, the base is reminiscent of a roach carapace, and now I know that might not be a good thing for most people, but it is 1000% perfect for this model and just a really nice look overall. The black highlight over the translucent green shaft and copper base does something magical. I sent in a photo of this toy to FB as a reference picture for a small kaiju before I knew it was mine, lmao. I probably am not going to change it because it is a really nice looking coloration that I would not mind having on two toys. 

    The medium euph is lovely as well, the shaft is sort of this tarnished gold which goes really well with the metallic dark green base. 

    And then there’s the iguanodon that totally got one upped by both the marvelous euphoberia. He’s cute too though, it’s a very nice natural color for it! I dig his shape as well and don’t think the tip will be all that pokey considering it’s at a decent angle. 

    Lastly. some cute heat wave eggs! Cold they’re a dark purple and blue, but warm they’re sort of a melon color and baby blue! They do have the little spots that don’t change color as noted but I think it gives them cute little purple freckles, and seeing as that’s a pretty common thing on real eggs I wouldn’t consider it a flaw at all. 

    FB also threw in a bottle of their lube, which seems pretty nice upon first inspection. It’s stringy but not tacky and doesn’t leave a gross residue on your skin when dried up. 

    I really need to start writing some in use reviews though for everything.. but I’ll end up with a book

    Anyway, thanks FB! 

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  3. direwolf2013:

    My favorite toy! So thick, so much fun! Hubby went on a gif making binge when he had some spare time.

    I am getting close to 15k followers! I think maybe I will do a request for that event! Please send me what you’d like to see and I will pick from your suggestions for our next picture set or GIF set and hopefully post it for when I hit 15k!

    Note: I don’t do anal, so don’t bother requesting that!

    <3 Sonya

  4. Knotty Blowjobs on request

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  5. furrygonewild:

    1- By Cherrybox
    2- By Humboldt-Ssirrus
    3- By Fasttrack37d
    4- By Black
    5- By Patto
    6- By Fluke

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  6. ok yeah that tiny vibrator kinda sucks


  7. guess who just got the tiniest vibrator ever

  8. grigoris-lair:

    My friend grabbed this really pretty medium Fenrir last week but it didn’t work out for her. So she is selling it! 

    The color on this is really stunning

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  10. Might as well upload this

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    Wow fuk u

  12. smexymutt:

    Stripes IA by patto

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    Caught masturbating as requested by anon~


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