1. pujface:

    WIP of something dangerously furry.

    Iorweth/ Byriel belongs to LADY

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  2. furtrail:

    Coffee and Breakfast - Demicoeur

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  4. soakingwetandclueless:

    The Boss’s Son" (x)

    …is about to help you get a raise.

    Lovely piece by foxer421.

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  5. Disgusting

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  7. wolfyfriend:

    Hot ! :o 

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  8. leosaeta:

    a commission for pucacorgi  of her and beyer that I forgot to post

  10. furballthefurry:

    Lick Your Lips To Make It More Comforting - by CherryBox

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  11. theessentialrohly:

    a thing from my twitter a few days ago. My big drooly dog guy loves to knock things up. while he may not be able to make any sweet puppy bats with this fella, it doesn’t stop him from giving his best effort!

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  12. tigerlickspaw:

    under the tree - by Hutchyy

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