1. jayrnaylor:

    Three page comic commission for a horse gentleman and a shark lady.

  3. malefurryporn:


    Talk about power to the metal! πŸ˜πŸ‘

    Artist: rokemi

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  4. but srsly handcuff me and push my face into the floor and just fuck me please


  5. someone should jerk me off from behind and kiss my neck


  6. really wanna get a dildo and i have enough money for one but im afraid my parents will somehow find it :/

  9. draggysden:


    Artist: Dreiker

    Oh lawd

    This is so hot o3o

    …wish I could get a closer look >//>

    And the animation is super good too, of course xD

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    This is the leash I could do for you guys

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